Less Charting, More Doctoring.

Meet MIRA, a virtual assistant that speeds up provider workflows and provides clinical intelligence at point of care

Acute & Ambulatory Workflows

Mira by Praxify

Connects to and Augments Your Existing EHR

With deep integrations with common EHR systems, MIRA gives providers state-of-the -art workflow capabilities while allowing them to retain their existing underlying systems.

Charting Designed By and For Doctors

“Glance-able” interfaces surface key patient data and adapt to physician practice patterns, enabling physicians to review charts and document encounters faster.

Beyond Dictation: Providing Power to Voice

Voice-activated assistant allows providers to find patient data, document encounters, and create orders using their voice.

MIRA patient companion

Notes primed by patients

“With MIRA’s patient companion app, patients can provide key clinical information to their physicians before they arrive, eliminating repetitive patient queries and enhancing patient-physician communication.”


Chief Medical Advisor
Chairperson Emergency Medicine @ Stanford

The modern clinical tool that connects to your existing EHR

Instantly access any part of the patient record, from anywhere

Improve decision-making with context-aware clinical suggestions

Take notes faster than in existing EHR templates

Complete notes and perform complex actions simply by talking

Communicate with other clinicians via secure text and telemedicine

Smart summaries powered by the latest in machine learning

Get more from your records

Data Integration

Integrates both structured & unstructured data from any source.

Deep Insights

Mines millions of patient records, textbooks, & journals to provide insight when you need it.

Alerts & Suggestions

Provides timely reminders to drive clinical best practices and improve population health.