Activate Patients Beyond Your Four Walls

Meet SIYA, a full suite of mobile tools to engage patients in managing their health

A care management stack infused with clinical intelligence to improve patient health

Cutting-Edge Care Activation Tools
  • Virtual health coaching
  • Wearable integration
  • Medication adherence and appointment reminders
Seamless Patient-Provider Communication Channels
  • Telemedicine
  • Secure provider messaging
  • Automatic patient feedback
Apps to Reduce Administrative Friction
  • Medical record access
  • Online scheduling
  • Patient payments

Manage Patients Beyond the Four Walls

Proprietary care management workflow technology enables care teams to engage patients in their health

SIYA leverages artificial intelligence, behavioral change science, and patient-generated data to engage patients

SIYA by Praxify is a SaaS-based, holistic care management platform that enables care teams, caregivers, patients and their families to better manage the patients’ health outside of the hospital. After patients are identified for care management services, such as those with chronic conditions, SIYA’s intelligent digital assistant engages them to determine which care manager at a payer or provider organization can best manage their needs. The technology can then facilitate a telemedicine visit between that care manager, the patient, and a caregiver, where the entire team agrees on key goals.

Make care convenient

Encourage patients to download SIYA on discharge and arm them with multiple ways to stay on top of their care remotely

Appointment Booking

Integrates with your schedule to offer the top requested feature by patients: the ability to find and book appointments online.


Deliver affordable care at home and reduce readmissions with telemedicine software that lets you connect to your patients where they are.

Provider Messaging

Let your patients ask quick questions and clarify treatment instructions with short, secure messages that can be managed by your staff.

Online Lab Results and Records

Make it easy for patients to stay on top of their health by providing them with digital access to test results, treatment plans, and medical information.